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LabelRoundtable #2 – Health apps from a healthcare professional perspective

24. April 2023 @ 10:00 11:30 CEST

The second edition of the LabelRoundtable series will dive into health apps from a healthcare professional perspective.

Label2Enable is an EU-funded project. Its task is to promote the adoption of CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2 and its quality label for health and wellness apps. The aim is a digital single market in which quality health apps are used at scale in prevention, health care and self-care. The project consists of seven Work Packages (WPs). The project consists of three pillars: Trust, Use and Adoption.

How can Label2Enable foster adoption and trust in the use of health and wellness apps in clinical practice through the label based of CEN- ISO/ TS 82304-2?
Antanas Montvila (European Junior Doctors Association)

Medical professionals‘ views on using wellness and health apps in clinical practice – insights from a pan-European survey
Ieva Biliūnaitė (Leiden University Medical Center)

Health Technology Assessment in Digital Health. Comparing approaches for health apps and technologies: CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2 and the Finnish Digi-HTA
Jarno Suominen (Digi-HTA)

Clinical assessment and evaluation of clinical evidence of Digital Health Technologies. Introduction to the approach used by the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA)
Adam McCabe, Tom Micklewright (ORCHA)

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Speakers‘ Bios

Antanas Montvila (European Junior Doctors Association)Antanas is a radiologist at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Antanas also serves as a vice president at the European Junior Doctors Association (EJD), where he leads a digital health group within the EJD focusing on pan-European digital health education and safe and equal adoption of digital technologies at the EU level. He served as a member of the national e-health working group in Lithuania. He is also co-leading a WP at Label2Enable project focused on increasing the adoption of healthcare apps into clinical practice.

Ieva Biliūnaitė (Leiden University Medical Center) Ieva is a post-doctoral researcher with expertise in clinical psychology, internet interventions, and behaviour science at Leiden University Medical Center

Jarno Suominen (Digi-HTA)Jarno is working as Senior Planning Officer in Finnish Coordinating Center for Health Technology Assessment with a background in biomedical engineering and life sciences. In healthcare, numerous new preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic methods are introduced yearly. The reliable assessment information is constantly needed when deciding on treatment guidelines, acquisitions and the use of funds, and the de-implementation of outdated technology. With the assessment of Digital Health solutions, including Digital Medicine and Wellness technologies, it is possible to support health policy and clinical decision-making in evolving health care by producing objective information on safe and effective interventions.

Adam McCabe (ORCHA)Adam McCabe is a Senior Digital Health Reviewer and Analyst at ORCHA. He leads the review criteria for Professional Assurance and Clinical Safety alongside relevant stakeholders based on various acceptance criteria. He also develops the ORCHA Review and accreditation models for outside organisations.

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